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"The Ultimate in Home Security"


Color Night Vision

Human/Vehicle Shape Detection

Embedded AI Deep Learning Algorithm

Intelligent Dual-Lens

State-of-the-Art Dual-Lens Setup

No need for spotlights, the C3X turns color night vision into reality. Subtly protecting your home while getting rid of flying bugs.

Unmatched Nighttime Imaging

MSRP: $149.99

Setting up a directional line, dragging a rectangle area, or even drawing the shape you like. You have 100% control over what matters the most.

Multiple Detection Methods

Without extra cost, the deep learning AI technology is embedded in the C3X. Sending you real-time motion alerts for human and vehicles in an accurate manner.

Built-in AI Algorithm

The color video rendered by the C3X is so vivid and realistic like you have never seen before. Adding more visual details to the footage so that it is more recognizable.


Holiday Price:

Welcome to the EZVIZ Black Friday Event! Get your home Holiday-ready with these amazing deals!

Three Different Security Solutions With the Best Pricing of the Year!

Color Night Vision with AI Capability


AI-Powered Dark-Fighter

Holiday Price

$ 99.99


Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera

Holiday Price

$ 39.99


Two-in-One Outdoor Security Solution

Holiday Price

$ 99.99

Smart Entry


3MP Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Holiday Price

$ 79.99


Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Holiday Price

$ 69.99


Sound and Light, Dual Protection

Holiday Price

$ 49.99

Outdoor Security


Outdoor Guardian with Active Defense

Holiday Price

$ 49.99


Strong Wireless Connectivity

Holiday Price

$ 34.99

Indoor Security


It’s Got You Covered

Holiday Price

$ 39.99


It’s Got You Covered

Holiday Price

$ 29.99


As Sharp-Eyed as an Owl

Holiday Price

$ 19.99

Smart Home Enabled

Up to 8x Zoom

Video History

Instant Alerts

Two-Way Talk

Live View