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Security is built into EZVIZ’s DNA

We design all EZVIZ products to respectfully protect your privacy, and put every effort into securing every byte of data.

The EZVIZ brand is deeply rooted in the practice of data safety.

Our commitment to data security

We understand that a home should be a safe place, a private harbor where people are free from worry and threats. EZVIZ is honored to help you build a carefree, smart home through trustworthy services and technologies.

EZVIZ requires complex, multi-step authentications to make sure only the user has access to their data.

With EZVIZ, the user is the only owner of their information throughout the data lifecycle.

Every layer of data – from the EZVIZ cloud to the app and our products – is fully encrypted from end to end with AES 128-bit encryption and TLS 1.2 encryption protocols.

We carefully standardize all data activity with vigilance and caution.


EZVIZ’s “home of security” is supported by four pillars:

We develop structural and systemic approaches to data protection

EZVIZ follows the industry’s best practices to safeguard data, and continues to upgrade systems to meet ever-evolving security standards.

-- data isolation

-- rigid access control

-- disaster recovery preparedness

Multi-layer protection methods help prevent users from data loss, damage or theft, enhancing data security.

Our anti-attack system protects your data against threats caused by DDoS, bots or false identities, and only grants access to authorized visitors.

We develop reliable, stable mechanisms to shield data from threats or malicious intent.


We fully understand security is forged through joint efforts. So we partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our globally distributed cloud servers to make sure your data is protected by the best of the best in the industry.

We partner with top cloud service providers for best-in-class data protection.


We have a 24/7 response team dedicated to data security. We conduct periodic reviews and audits to ensure our security controls always run properly. We also host regular internal security training.

We make security a core value across the company.


It is EZVIZ‘s policy to comply with the laws, rules and regulations governing privacy and data protection in every country and region where we operate. Despite the complexity over globally diverse policies, we have established comprehensive approaches to adjust our data handling for strict local compliance.

We operate with strict compliance to laws and regulations globally

We ensure transparency and security on how your data is used or shared

At EZVIZ, we will always be transparent about what data we process and for which purposes with detailed disclosures of the EZVIZ Privacy Policy. We do not and will never sell your information to any third party. You can always contact us regarding our processing and protection of your personal data.

We execute rules of proportionality in data collection for an enhanced user experience

We obtain your consent with clear and specific requests

EZVIZ fully respects your control over your data and will always obtain your consent prior to collecting or using data in a legal manner. Such requests will be made clear and specific with reasonable details, so we can ensure that you give consent under clear and transparent information.

It is an honor and privilege to have your trust in choosing EZVIZ. We will collect and process your data only when it’s adequate, relevant and necessary to provide you with better products and services. To further understand our scope of data collection, please read here.

Your privacy is the cornerstone of all the products and services we provide and we make sure to keep you in-the-know about important issues.

We follow strict rules in data handling

Security is not an easy task but we are working relentlessly to make everything better.

If you feel the need to learn more, please contact us with your questions.

All the above information aligns with our Privacy Policy, which we constantly update to follow the latest industry standards.